Morroco in Transition: Overcoming the Democratic and Human Rights Legacy of King Hassan II

by Patricia J. Campbell


Morocco’s King Hassan II died on 23 July 1999 and was succeeded by his son Muhammad VI. Much of the media coverage of Hassan II following his death portrayed him as a champion of democracy and human rights in the region. Was this really the case? Was Morocco under Hassan II becoming a more democratic and open society? This paper critically examines King Hassan’s legacy, challenges and opportunities it poses for his heir Muhammad VI. The paper also discusses Morocco’s prospects for democratic deepening under the new leader.

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Patricia J. Campbell is currently an Associate Professor of Comparative/African Politics at the State University of West Georgia and Director of Global Studies. She has previously published in Third World Quarterly, Africa Today, and Politics and Policy. Additionally, she co-edited with Kathleen Mahoney-Norris, Democratization and the Protection of Human Rights: Challenges and Contradictions, Praeger Publishers, 1998.