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Volume 12, Issue 3
Summer 2011

ISSN: 2152-2448


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Articles from Current Issue

Coal Sector Revitalization, Community Memory, and the Land Question in Nigeria: A Paradox of Economic Diversification?
Ikechukwu Umejesi | Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (1-21)

Oil Extraction and the Potential for Domestic Instability in Uganda
Jacob Kathman & Megan Shannon   | Abstract|  Full Text: PDF (23-45 )

Environmental Legacies of Major Events: Solid Waste Management and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Uganda
Mersharch W. Katusiimeh & Arthur P. J. Mol | Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF(47-65)

Women's Resistance in Cameroon's Western Grassfields:  The Power of Symbols, Superb Organization and Leadership, 1957-1961
Henry Kam Kah | Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (67-91)

Nigeria's Fourth Republic and the Challenge of a Faltering Democratization
Dhikru Adewale Yagboyaju | Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (93-106)

Book Reviews

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Tosha Grantham. 2009. Darkroom: Photography and New Media in South Africa since 1950. Richmond: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. 150 pp.

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Review by Todd Leedy  (107-109)

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Review by Rosetta Codling  (109-110)

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Review by Yves Laberge  (110-112)

Ama Biney and Adebayo Olukoshi. Speaking Truth to Power: Selected Pan-African Postcards. Cape Town: Pambazuka Press, 2010. ix, 248 pp.
Review by Kelli N. Moore  (112-113)

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Review by Lady Jane Acquah  (113-115)

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Review by Robert Munro  (115-117)

Peter Cunliffe-Jones. My Nigeria: Five Decades of Independence. New York: Palgrave Macmillan Publishers, 2010. 238 pp.
Review by Kawu Bala  (117-118)

Irit Eguavoen. The Political Ecology of Household Water in Northern Ghana. Berlin: Lit Verlag, 2008. xi, 309 pp.
Review by Heidi G. Frontani  (119-120)

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Review by Ridwa Abdi (120-122)

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Review by Toni Pressley-Sanon (122-123)

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Review by Farah Abdi (124-126)

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Review by Antonia Witt (127-129)

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Review by Steven Stottlemyre (129-130)

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Review by A.T. Gorton  (130-131)

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Review by Eric M. Moody (132-133)

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Review by Adel Manai (133-134)

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Review by Helena Cantone (135-136)

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Review by Lily Sofiani  (136-137)

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Review by Terje Østebø (137-138)

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Review by Jason Bruner (139-140)

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Review by Ken Walibora Waliaula (140-142)

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Review by Jacqueline-Bethel Mougoué (142-144)

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Review by Okechukwu Edward Okeke (147-149)

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Review by Harvey M. Feinberg  (149-152)