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Previous Issues

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Volume 1

    Issue 1 (1997)
    Hightlights: Livelihoods and Security in AfricaJudicial Responses to GenocideCreating Peace in an Armed SocietyBOOK REVIEWS

    Issue 2 (Special Issue: Tanzania) (1997)
    Hightlights: Justice Administration Outside the Ordinary Courts of LawEconomic Reforms and Health Conditions of the Urban PoorBOOK REVIEWS

    Issue 3 (Crisis in the Great Lakes) (1997)
    Hightlights: Introduction...State Collapse and Reconstruction in Central AfricaKabila ReturnsSovereignty and Personal Rule in ZaireAt Issue--Conventional Wisdom and Rwanda's GenocideBOOK REVIEWS

    Issue 4 (Religion and Philosophy in Africa) (1998)
    Highlights: Exorcising Hegel's GhostToward Decolonizing African Philosophy and ReligionThe Africanized Queen…At Issue-- US & the UN Criminal Tribunal for RwandaBOOK REVIEWS

Volume 2

    Issue 1 (1998)
    Highlights: God In Yoruba BeliefDecentralization, Local Governance and the Democratic Transition…At Issue--Reflections on African CinemaBOOK REVIEWS

    Issue 2 (1998)
    Highlights: Development Fund ModelCritique and Suggestions for Modification…At Issue--U.S. Foreign Policy Toward AfricaBOOK REVIEWS

    Issue 3 (Special Issue: Human Rights & Governance in Africa) (1998)
    Hightlights: Women's Human RightsPolitical Cultures and the Problems of GovernmentLawgiving and the Administration of JusticeUN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda: A Monumental Step Towards TruthAt Issue--Can the Department of State Surrender Rwandan RefugeesBOOK REVIEWS

    Issue 4 (Special Issue: Roundtable on Reparations) (1999)
    Hightlights: Issues and IdeasFrom Slave Ship to Space ShipPolitical Versus Legal StrategiesThe Debt Has Not Been PaidAt Issue--Development Fund Model: A ReplyBOOK REVIEWS

Volume 3

    Issue 1 (1999)
    Hightlights: Nigeria: PrivatizationChoices in the Kalabari Life Cycle…At Issue--Africa Versus the West in the Court of ReparationsBOOK REVIEWS

    Issue 2 (Special Issue: Politics of Conservation in Madagascar) (1999)
    Hightlights: Setting the StageAgroforestry and ConservationUne Vue d'Ensemble du Droit Environnemental MalgacheLe Boisement, le bail, et la législation environnementale à MadagascarAt Issue- Coordinating Traditional Values, Scientific Research and Practical ObservationsEnvironmental Policies and Landscape Burning StrategiesBOOK REVIEWS

    Issue 3 (2000)
    Hightlights: African Culture and Personality...Comment...At Issue- Language in Development Research...Challenges facing Nigeria's Foreign Policy...BOOK REVIEWS

Volume 4

    Issue 1 (2000)
    Hightlights: Editor's NoteECOMOG Intervention in LiberiaBreakdown of International Order in Central AfricaAfrican Culture and Personality: A ReplyBOOK REVIEWS

    Issue 2 (2000)
    Hightlights: Africa in a Global Network Society...Achieving Human Rights in Africa...Governance, Wealth Creation...BOOK REVIEWS

    Issue 3 (2000)
    Hightlights: The Crisis of Cultural Memory ... Human Rights and State Transition ... The Land of Jilali... The State and Economic Reform in Africa ... Justice and Morality in South Africa... BOOK REVIEWS

Volume 5

    Issue 1 (2001)
    Hightlights: Human Rights Abuse in KenyaThe Public Sector, Privatization, and DevelopmentThe State and Development in Southern AfricaBOOK REVIEWS

    Issue 2 (2001)
    Hightlights: The Legacy of J.J. RawlingsReading as a Woman: Chinua Achebe's 'Things Fall Apart'Civil-Military Relations in BotswanaEmerging Trends in Japan-Africa Relations...BOOK REVIEWS

    Issue 3 (Special Issue: Natural Resources Management in Africa) (2001)
    Hightlights: Transforming Traditional InstitutionsParticipation and Stakeholder Dynamics in the Water Reform Process in Zimbabwe ...Challenges Facing a Community Structure to Implement CBNRMCan We Be Engineers of Property Rights to Natural Resources?...The Organizational Structures for CBNRM...What Role for Customary Law?...Evolving Institutional Framework for CBNRM in Mozambique...Election Observation and Democratization in Africa...BOOK REVIEWS

Volume 6

    Issue 1&2 (Special Issue: Gender and Soil Fertility in in Africa) (2002)
    Highlights: Introduction to Gender and Soil Fertility in AfricaGender and Soil Fertility in Uganda ...Gender and Soil Fertility Management in Mbale District, Southeastern UgandaDiminishing choices: Gender and Household Food Security Decisions in Malawi...Gendered Scripts and Declining Soil fertility in Southern Ethiopia...Gender, Adoption of Soil Fertility Southern Senega...The Effect of Cash Cropping, Credit, and Household Composition on Food Security in Southern Malawi...Vouchers versus Grants: Evidence from Malawi’s Starter Pack Program...Gender Analysis of a Nationwide Cropping System Trial Survey in Malawi...Agroforestry Innovations in Africa: Can they Improve Soil Fertility on Women Farmers’ Fields?...Modeling Agroforestry Adoption and Household Decision Making in Malawi...Gender-Sensitive LP Models in Soil Fertility Research..Is Fertilizer a Public or Private Good in Africa?...BOOK REVIEWS

    Issue 3 (2002)
    Hightlights: King or Knave?: Félix Adende Rapontchombo and Political Survival in the Gabon EstuaryChanges in Official Attitudes Towards Urban Agriculture in AccraDomestic, Regional, and International Protection of Nigerian Women Against Discrimination: Constraints And PossibilitiesGlobalisation, NEPAD and the Governance Question in Africa...Review ARTICLES: Diamonds: De Beers; Sierra Leone...Regionalization/Security in Southern Africa...BOOK REVIEWS

Volume 7

Issue 1 (2003)
Hightlights: Trop De Soleil tue L'amour et en Attendant Le Vote Des Betes Sauvages...Delimitation of the Elastic Ilemi Triangle...Morocco in Transition ...At Issue: On the Subject of Kings and Queens: Traditional African Leadership...Review Article: Ethnicity and Burundi's Refugees...BOOK REVIEWS

Issues 2 & 3 (Special Issue: Zimbabwe: Looking Ahead) (2003)
Highlights: Editor's Note... The Dualities of Contemporary Zimbabwean Politics: Constitutionalism versus the Law of Power and the Land, 1999-2002 ... Zimbabwe's Triple Crisis: Primitive Accumulation, Nation-State Formation and Democratisation in the Age of Neo-liberal Globalisation ...Industry and the Urban Sector in Zimbabwe's Political Economy ... Narratives on Land: State-Peasant Relations Over Fast Track Land Reform in Zimbabwe ... The Experience of Resettled Farmers in Zimbabwe ... Opposition Politics in Independent Zimbabwe ... War Veterans: Continuities Between the Past and the Present ... Crisis in the State and the Family: Violence Against Women in Zimbabwe .... Press and Politics in Zimbabwe... Globalizing Land and Food in Zimbabwe: Implications for Southern Africa ... At Issue: Responding to Kitching's "Why I Left African Studies... Africanists and Responsibility: Some Reflections ... Eyes Wide Shut: Africanists and the Moral Problematics of Postcolonial Societies ... Academic Melancholy, Romantic Cynicism and the Road Not Taken ... Beyond Blame? ... Colonial and Post-colonial Latin America ... Why I Love African Studies ... Jagged Fragments: Imperialism, Racism, Hurt, and Honesty

Issue 4 (2004)
Highlights: Women's Movements, Customary Law, and Land Rights in Africa: The Case of Uganda ... The Languages of Childhood: The Discursive Construction of Childhood and Colonial Policy in French West Africa ... At Issue:
The Cultural Identity of Africa and the Global Task of Africana Studies

Volume 8

Issue 1 (Special Issue: Truth and Reconciliation Commissions in Africa) (2004)
Hightlights: Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation in Africa: Issues and Cases ... Reconciling South Africa or South Africans? Cautionary Notes from the TRC ...Searching for Answers: Sierra Leone's Truth and Reconciliation Commission ... After Arusha: Gacaca Justice in Post-Genocide Rwanda ... At Issue: Establishing the Truth about the Apartheid Past: Historians and the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Issue 2 (2005)
Hightlights: Neither Peace nor Justice: Political Violence and the Peasantry in Northern Uganda, 1986 -1998... Determinants of Rural Labor Market Participation in Tanzania ... Small Towns in Ghana: Justifications for their Promotion under Ghana's Decentralization Programme ... At Issue: Taking American Race Relations on the Africa

Issue 3 (2006)
Highlights: Colonial Policies and Women's Participation in Public Life: The Case of British Southern Cameroons ... The Political Economy of Oil in Equatorial Guinea ... At Issue: Markets and Morality: American Relations with Tanzania

Issue 4 (2006)
Highlights: Effectiveness of Maize Cob Powder in Controlling Weevils in Stored Maize Grain ... Dim Delobsom: French Colonialism and Local Response in Upper Volta ... Causes of Small Business Failure in Uganda: A Case Study from Bushenyi and Mbarara Towns ... At Issue: Urban Renewal through Labour-Intensive Construction Technology in South Africa: Problems and Potentials

Volume 9

Issues 1 &2 (Special Issue on Africa's Moral and Affective Economy) (2006)
Hightlights: Introduction and Overview ... Moral Economy as Emotional Interaction: Food Sharing and Reciprocity in Highland Ethiopia ... “Earning among Friends”: Business Practices and Creeds among Petty Traders in Tanzania ... From Beer to Money: Labor Exchange and Commercialization in Eastern Uganda ... Labor Exchange Systems in Japan and DR Congo: Similarities and Differences ... The Changing Practices of Kibarua Employment: A Case Study of the Sagara, Tanzania ... The Economy of Affection and Local Enterprises in Africa: Empirical Evidence from a Network Study in Burkina Faso and Senegal ... African Imaginations of Moral Economy: Notes on Indigenous Economic Concepts and Practices in Tanzania

Issue 3 (2007)
Highlights: The Persistence of the Commons… Competing Regionalisms in Africa … Tradition and Educational Reconstruction in Africa in Postcolonial and Global Times… Comparative Assessment of Indigenous Methods of Sweet Potato Preservation among Smallholder Farmers

Issue 4 (Special Issue: The Politics of Inequality: South Africa Then and Now) (2007)
Highlights: Introduction... Invisible Resurrection: The Recreation of a Communist Party in South Africa in the 1950's ... “Mannenberg”: Notes on the Making of an Icon and Anthem ... The Ash Heap of History: Reflections on Historical Research in Southern Africa ... South African Land Reform and the Global Development Industry ... Patrolling the Resource Transfer Frontier: Economic Rights and the South African Constitutional Court's Contributions to International Justice ... Contesting Liberal Legality: Informal Legal Cultures in Post-Apartheid South Africa's Privatizing Seafood Fishery ... Media, Social Movements and the State: Competing Images of HIV/AIDS in South Africa


Volume 10

Issue 1 (Spring 2008)
Highlights: A Question of Intervention: American Policymaking in Sierra Leone and the Power of Institutional Agenda Setting ... Comparative Perspectives on the Rehabilitation of Ex-Slaves and Former Child Soldiers with Special Reference to Sudan ... Official Representations of the Nation: Comparing the Postage Stamps of Sudan and Burkina Faso ... An Interest in Intervention: A Moral Argument for Darfur


Issues 2 & 3 (Fall 2008)
Highlights: The Challege of Globalization, Labor Market Restructuring & Union Democracy in Ghana ... Stakeholder Participatory Processes & Dialogue Platforms in theh Mazowe River Catchment, Zimbabwe ... Medicine & Anthropology in Twentieth Century Africa: Akan Medicine ... Who Ruled by the Spear? Rethinking the Form of Governance in the Ndebele State ... Colonialism within Colonialism: The Hausa-Caliphate Imaginary & the British Colonial Administration of the Nigerian Middle Belt ... The 5th Francophonie Sports & Arts Festival: Niamey, Niger Hosts a Global Community


Issue 4 (Spring 2009)
Highlights: New Farmers, Old Claims Around Lake Mutirikwi, Southern Zimbabwe ... Alternative Electoral Systems and the 2005 Ethiopian Parliamentary Election ... The 2007 General Election in Lesotho: The Application and the Challenges of the Electoral System ...


Volume 11

Issue 1 (Fall 2009)
Highlights: France's Conflict Resolution Strategy in Côte d'Ivoire and its Ethical Implications... Local Needs and Agency Conflict: A Case Study of Kajo Keji County, Sudan... Social Organization and Social Status in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Rukwa, Tanzania


Issues 2 & 3 (Special Issue: Between Exit and Voice: Informality and the Spaces of Popular Agency) (Spring 2010)
Highlights: Between Exit and Voice: Informality and the Spaces of Popular Agency... Changing Youth Dynamics in Lusaka's Informal Economy in the Context of Economic Liberalization... Between Neglect and Control: Questioning Partnerships and the Integration of Informal Actors in Public Solid Waste Management in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia... Gender Fictions and Gender Tensions Involving "Traditional" Asante Market Women... Informality and Casualization as Challenges to South Africa's Industrial Unionism: Manufacturing Workers in the East Rand/Ekurhuleni Region in the 1990s... Informalization from Above, Informalization from Below: The Options for Organization... Employment Relationships and Organization Strategies in the Informal Construction Sector

Issues 4 (Summer 2010)
Highlights: Decentralization and Conflict in Uganda: Governance Adrift... Is War Contagious? The Transnationalization of Conflict in Darfur... Breaking with Township Gangsterism: The Struggle for Place and Voice... Urban Water Politics and Water Security in Disadvantaged Urban Communities in Ghana... A Bridge Between the Global North and Africa? Putin's Russia and G8 Development Commitments

Volume 12

Issue 1 (Fall 2010)
Highlights: Poor Urban Communities and Municipal Interface in Ghana: A Case Study of Accra and Sekondi-Takoradi metropolis... Combating Corruption in Nigeria: The Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)... The Role of Labor Migration to Neighbouring Small towns in Rural Livelihoods: A Case Study in Southern Province, Zambia


Issue 2 (Winter 2011)
Highlights: Personal Rule in Africa: The Case of Eritrea... The Micropolitics of Mining and Development in Zambia: Insights from the Northwestern Province... Debunking the Myth of the "Good" Coup d'État in Africa


Issue 3 (Summer 2011)
Highlights: Coal Sector Revitalization, Community Memory, and the Land Question in Nigeria... Oil Extraction and the Potential for Domestic Instability in Uganda... Environmental Legacies of Major Events... Women's Resistance in Cameroon's Western Grassfields... Nigeria's Fourth Republic and the Challenge of a Faltering Democratization


Issue 4 (Fall 2011)
Highlights: Appropriation of Islam in a Gambian Village... The (Mal) Function of "it" in Ifeanyi Menkiti's Normative Account of Person... Sierra Leone's 2007 Elections: Monumental and More of the Same... Towards Concert in Africa: Seeking Progress and Power through Cohesion and Unity...


Volume 13

Issue 1-2 (Spring 2012)
Highlights: When Necessity Begets Ingenuity: Scavenging for Survival in a Globalizing City... Africa to the World! Nkrumah-era Philatelic Images of Emerging Ghana and Pan-Africanism, 1957-1966... The Transformation of the US-Based Liberian Diaspora from Hard Power to Soft Power Agents... Sons of the Soil and Conquerors who Came on Foot: the Historical Construction of a West African Border Region... The Challenges of Transnational Human Trafficking in West Africa Gail M. Gerhart and Clive L. Glaser. From Protest to Challenge. Volume 6: A Documentary History of African Politics in South Africa, 1882-1990, Challenge and Victory 1980-1990. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 2010. xxxiv, 778 pp.


Issue 3 (Summer 2012)
Highlights: Becoming Local Citizens: Senegalese Female Migrants and Agrarian Clientelism in The Gambia... Hip Hop as Social Commentary in Accra and Dar es Salaam... The Nation State, Resource Conflict, and the Challenges of "Former-Sovereignties" in Nigeria... REVIEW ESSAY: Radical History and the Struggle Revisited: the Cambridge History of South Africa...


Issue 4 (Winter 2013)
Highlights: At Issue: More Ominous than Climate Change? Global Policy Threats to African Food Production... Securing Reform? Power Sharing and Civil-Security Relations in Kenya and Zimbabwe... Umpiring Federalism in Africa: Institutional Mosaic and Innovations... REVIEW ESSAY: Sins of Omission: Public Health and HIV/AIDS in Africa... REVIEW ESSAY: Authentic Rendition of Kelefa Saane or Same Old Thing?...


Volume 14

Issue 1-2 (November 2013)
Highlights: What is in a Coconut? An Ethnoecological Analysis of Mining, Social Displacement, Vulnerability, and Development in Rural Kenya... A Critique of the Concept of Quasi-Physicalism in Akan Philosophy... Ethiopia’s Role in South Sudan’s March to Independence, 1955-1991... Prognosis of Land Title Formalization in Urban Ghana: The Myth and Reality of Awareness and Relevance... Global Opening for Hungary – New Beginning for Hungarian Africa Policy... At Issue: What is the Matter with African Agriculture?... REVIEW ESSAY: The “White House” of Judaism: Under Renovation, New Hues May Apply...


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