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Volume 1

Issue 1 (1997)

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Highlights: Livelihoods and Security in African, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Judicial Responses to Genocide, Conflict over Natural Resources

Issue 2 (1997)

Special Issue: Tanzania

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Highlights: Ward Tribunals in Babati District of Tanzania, Urban Poor in Tanzania, Politics of Liberalization and the Urban Informal Economy in Tanzania, African History

Issue 3 – Crisis in the Great Lakes – (1997)

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Highlights: The Great Lakes Region: Uganda, Western Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo; Patterns of State Collapse and Reconstruction; Laurent Kabila; Rwandan Genocide; Sovereignty in the Congo

Issue 4 – Religion and Philosophy in Africa – (1998)

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Highlights: Religion and Philosophy, Critical Scholarship, Colonial Legacies, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda