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Issue 3

ISSN: 215-2448

Special Issue: Crisis in the Great Lakes

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Highlights: The Great Lakes Region: Uganda, Western Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo; Patterns of State Collapse and Reconstruction; Laurent Kabila; Rwandan Genocide; Sovereignty in the Congo


Michael Chege  |  HTML  |  PDF (1-4)

Patterns of State Collapse and Reconstruction in Central Africa: Reflections on the Crisis in the Great Lakes
René Lemarchand  |  Excerpt  |  PDF (5-22)

Kabila Returns, In A Cloud Of Uncertainty
Thomas Turner  |  Excerpt  |  PDF (23-37)

Sovereignty and Personal Rule in Zaire
Willam Reno  |  Excerpt  |  PDF (39-64)

At Issue

Conventional Wisdom And Rwanda’s Genocide: An Opinion
Tony Waters  |  HTML  |  PDF (65-74)

Book Reviews

Download Book Reviews – PDF

The Challenge of Southern African Regional Security: A Review of Peace and Security in Southern Africa. Ibbo Mandaza, editor. Harare: SAPES, 1996. 183pp. 
Errol Henderson  |  PDF (75-80)

Mokoko, The Makgoba Affair: A Reflection on Transformation. Malegapuru William Makgoba. Johannesburg: Vivlia Publishers, 1997. xxiv+243pp. 
Guy Martin  |  PDF (80-83)

Religious Pluralism and the Nigerian State. Simeon O. Ilesanmi. Athens, OH: Monographs in International Studies (Africa Series, No. 66), 1997. 299pp. 
Azim A. Nanji  |  PDF (83-84)

Discourses on Democracy: Africa in Comparative Perspective. Julius E. Nyang’oro, editor. Dar es Saalam: Dar es Saalam University Press, 1996. xv+311pp. : ill. 
Dan Ottemoeller  |  PDF (84-86)

Federal-State Relations in Nigeria’s Second Republic. Joseph Okoroji. London: V.O.R. Publications, 1997. 72 pp. 
Donald C. Williams  |  PDF (86-87)