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Issue 3

ISSN: 2152-2448

Special Issue: Fed Up: Creating a New Type of Senegal through the Arts

Guest Editors: Molly Krueger Enz and Devin Bryson

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Highlights: Senegal in Transition; Cultural Identity and Collective Action; Art, Music and Theatrical Performance


Introduction — Fed Up: Creating a New Type of Senegal Through the Arts
Molly Krueger Enz and Devin Bryson  |  Full Text: PDF (1-12)

The New Type of Senegalese under Construction: Fadel Barro and Aliou Sané on Yenamarrism after Wade
Sarah Nelson  |  Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (13-32)

The Rise of a New Senegalese Cultural Philosophy?
Devin Bryson  |  Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (313-56)

Nafissatou Dia Diouf’s Critical Look at a “Senegal in the Midst of Transformation”
Molly Krueger Enz  |  Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (57-73)

De-centering Theatrical Heritage: Forum Theater in Contemporary Senegal
Brian Quinn   |  Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (75-88)

“These Walls Belong to Everybody” The Graffiti Art Movement in Dakar
Leslie W. Rabine  |  Full Text: PDF (89-112)

Book Reviews

Download Book Reviews – PDF

Large-Scale Colonial-Era Dams in Southern Africa

  • Allen Isaacman and Barbara Isaacman. 2013. Dams, Displacement, and the Delusion of Development. Cahora Bassa and Its Legacies in Mozambique, 1965–2007. Athens: Ohio University Press. 324pp. Review by Julia Tischler (113-115)
  • Julia Tischler. 2013. Light and Power for a Multiracial Nation The Kariba Dam Scheme in the Central African Federation. Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies Series. Houndsmills, Basinstroke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan. 336pp. Review by Allen Isaacman (115-117)

Additional Book Reviews

Wale Adebanwi and Ebenezer Obadare, eds. 2013. Democracy and Prebendalism in Nigeria: Critical Interpretations. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 300 pp. 
Review by Samuel Ojo Oloruntoba  (117-118)

Afe Adogame, Ezra Chitando, and Bolaji Bateye, eds. 2013.African Traditions in the Study of Religion, Diaspora and Gendered Societies. Burlington, VT: Ashgate. 192 pp.
Review by Richardson Addai-Mununkum  (119-120)

Peter Alexander, Thapelo Lekgowa, Botsang Mmope, Luke Sinwell, and Bongani Xezwi. Marikana: Voices from South Africa’s Mining Massacre. Athens: Ohio University Press. 165pp.
Review by Esther Uzar   (120-122)

Johan Brosche and Daniel Rothbart. 2013. Violent Conflict and Peacebuilding: The Continuing Crisis in Darfur. London & New York: Routledge. 175 pp. 
Review by Hope Tichaenzana Chichaya  (122-123)

J.J. Carney. 2014. Rwanda Before the Genocide: Catholic Politics and Ethnic Discourse in the Late Colonial Era. New York: Oxford University Press. 343 pp.
Review by Jonathan R. Beloff  (124-125)

Karen E. Ferree. 2011. Framing the Race in South Africa: The Political Origins of Racial Census Elections. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 291 pp. 
Review by Afolabi, Olugbemiga Samuel (125-126)

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Review by Rasul Ahmed Minja   (127-128)

Carmela Garritano. 2013. African Video Movies and Global Desires: A Ghanaian History. Athens: Ohio University Press. 246 pp. 
Review by Nana Osei-Opare  (128-129)

Trevor Getz, ed. 2014. African Voices of the Global Past: 1500 to the Present. Boulder: Westview Press. 223 pp.
Review by Mohamed Adel Manai  (130-131)

Clive Glaser. 2013. The ANC Youth League. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press. 168 pp. 
Review by Steven Gish  (131-133)

Richard Gray. 2012. Christianity, The Papacy and Mission in Africa (editor: Lamin Sanneh). Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis. 197 pp. 
Review by Muhammed Haron   (133-134)

Gerald Horne. 2012. Mau Mau in Harlem? The U.S. and the Liberation of Kenya. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 334 pp. Reprint Edition.
Review by Richard M. Mares   (135-136)

Hamid Irbouh. 2005. Art in the Service of Colonialism: French Art Education in Morocco, 1912-1956. New York: I.B. Tauris. 280 pp.
Review by Lara Ayad   (136-138)

Daniel Mains. 2012. Hope is Cut: Youth, Unemployment, and the Future in Urban Ethiopia. Pennsylvania: Temple University Press. 193 pp. 
Review by Ramphal Sillah   (138-139)

Richard C. Marback. 2012. Managing Vulnerability: South Africa’s Struggle for a Democratic Rhetoric. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press. 138 pp.
Review by Emeka Smart Oruh   (139-140)

Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz. 2013. Kongo Graphic Writing and Other Narratives of the Sign. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. 228 pp. 
Review by Kate Cowcher   (141-142)

Niq Mhlongo. 2012. Dog Eat Dog: A Novel. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press. 222 pp. 
Review by Rebecca Steiner   (142-143)

Sasha Newell. 2012. The Modernity Bluff: Crime, Consumption, and Citizenship in Côte d’Ivoire. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press. 305 pp.
Review by Joschka Philipps   (143-145)

David P. Sandgren. 2012. Mau Mau’s Children: The Making of Kenya’s Postcolonial Elite. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. 185 pp. 
Review by Frederik Sonner   (145-146)

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Review by Felix Kumah-Abiwu   (146-148)

Jesse Weaver Shipley. 2013. Living The Hiplife: Celebrity and Entrepreneurship in Ghanaian Popular Music. Durham: Duke University Press. 344 pp.
Review by Msia Kibona Clark   (148-149)

James Howard Smith and Rosalind I. J. Hackett, eds. 2012.Displacing the State: Religion and Conflict in Neoliberal Africa.Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press. 299 pp.
Review by Ibukun Ajayi   (149-151)

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Review by Ryan Driskell Tate   (151-153)

Mélanie Torrent. 2012. Diplomacy and Nation-Building in Africa: Franco-British Relations and Cameroon at the End of Empire.London: I.B. Tauris. 409 pp.
Review by Benedikt Erforth   (153-155)

Bernard Waites. 2012. South Asia and Africa: Post-colonialism in Historical Perspective. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 456 pp. 
Review by Kwesi D. L. S. Prah   (155-156)