Volume 15, Issue 4 (September 2015)

ISSN: 2152-2448

Highlights:Afrocentrism and Conflict Resolution, The Okada War, Cosmopolitan Temporality, Male Circumcision.


Nigeria, Afrocentrism, and Conflict Resolution: After Five Decades—How Far, How Well?
Olumuyiwa Babatunde Amao and Ufo Okeke-Uzodike | Abstract |  Full Text: PDF (1-23)

The Okada War in Urban Ghana: A Polemic Issue or Policy Mismatch?
Martin Oteng-Ababio and Ernest Agyemang| Abstract |  Full Text: PDF (25-44)

My Name Will Not Be Lost: Cosmopolitan Temporality and Reclaimed History in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “The Headstrong Historian”
David Mikailu and Brendan Wattenberg| Abstract Full Text: PDF (45-58)

To Cut and Run: Donor Approaches to Male Circumcision in Southern Africa
Krista Johnson | Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (59-82)

Book Reviews

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Review by Tamba E. M’bayo (83-84)

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Review by John Olushola Magbadelo (84-86)

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Review by Heidi G. Frontani (86-87)

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Review by Gregory Crofford (87-90)

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Review by Matteo Salvadore (89-90)

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Review by Elinah Nciizah (90-92)

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Review by Chika Ezeanya (92-93)

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Review by Tony Voss (93-94)

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Review by Richard Mbatu (93-95)

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Review by Adfer Rashid Shah (97-98)

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Review by Natalie Dickson (98-99)

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Review by Ramphal Sillah (101-102)

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Review by Hannah E. Acquaye 

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Review by Tony Voss (105-106)

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Review by Voudina Ngarsou (106-107)

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Review by Adel Manai (108-109)

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Review by Benjamin Arah (109-111)

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Review by Charlotte Baker (111-112)

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Review by Steven Gish (112-113)

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