Volume 17, Issue 3 (December 2017)

Highlights:Echoes of secession, Child marriage, Cash strapped Zimbabwe, African indigenous ritual festivals.


Echoes of Secession: The Hero, the Rebel, and the Rhetoric of Might in Nigerian Civil War Pictorial Propaganda
Etiido Effiong Inyang  |  Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1-20)

Children’s Rights Standards and Child Marriage in Malawi
Leah Mwambene and Obdiah Mawondza | Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (21-44)

Endangered Human Security in Cash Strapped Zimbabwe, 2007-2008 
Mediel Hove |  Abstract | Full Text: PDF (45-70)

Rethinking African Indigenous Ritual Festivals, Interrogating the Concept of African Ritual Drama
Morufu Bukola Omigbule | Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (71-88)

Book Reviews

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Review by Serah Shani (89-90)

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Review by Hassoum Ceesay (90-92)

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Review by Simon Odion Ehiabhi (92-94)

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352 pp.

Review by Alejandro Ponce de León (94-96)

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Review by Szilárd Biernaczky (96-98)

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Review by Samuel Kofi Darkwa (98-100)

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Review by Kenneth W. Meyer (100-101)

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Review by Oluwatobi O. Aje (101-103)

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Review by Olayinka Akanle (109-111)

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Review by Torque Mude (111-112)

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Review by Connor Pruss (115-117)

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Review by Samuel Adu-Gyamfi (117-119)

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Review by Kenneth Toah Nsah (119-121)

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Review by Kenneth W. Meyer  (121-123)

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Review by Karamo N.M. Sonko (124-126)

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Review by Ademolawa Michael Adedipe (126-127)