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Issue 1

SSN: 2152-2448
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Highlights: Rhino Protection, Land Occupations in Zimbabwe, South Africa’s Political economy.


Inside the Land Occupations in Bindura District, Zimbabwe 
Kirk Helliker and Sandra Bhatasara | Abstract  | Full Text: PDF (1-18)

Mediated Sankarism: Reinventing a Historical Figure to Reimagine the Future 
Lassane Ouedraogo | Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (19-30)

Recalibrating South Africa’s Political Economy: Challenges in Building a Developmental and Competition State
Paul Thompson and Henry Wissink |  Abstract | Full Text: PDF (31-48)

At Issue

An Appraisal of Green Militarization to Protect Rhinoceroses in Kruger National Park
Johan Jooste and Sam Ferreira   |  Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (49-60)

Review Essays

Guns in African History: The Examples of Central Africa and Nigeria
Tim Stapleton |  Full Text: PDF (61-66)

Nonhumans, Narratives, and Proximities: The Power of Things and the Cultural Politics of Race, Land and Water in Zimbabwe
Admire Mseba    |  Full Text: PDF (67-72)

And Performance: The Production Of Ngoma Dance And Rooibos Tea As Cultural Commodities In The Post-Apartheid Heritage Industry 
Aran Mackinnon    |  Full Text: PDF (73-78)

There is No Privileged Site of Politics 
Tony Voss    |  Full Text: PDF (79-84)

Book Reviews

Adeleke Adeeko. 2017. Arts of Being Yoruba: Divination, Allegory, Tragedy, Proverb, Panegyric. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 200 pp.
Review by Oluwole Coker (85-86)

Alexius Amtaika (ed.). Democratization of Africa: Dynamics and Trends.  Austin, Texas: Pan-African University Press. 401 pp.
Review by Abdelmalek El Ouazzani (86-87)

Jan Beek, Mirco Göpfert, Olly Owen, and Jonny Steinberg (eds.). 2017. Police in Africa: The Street-Level View. London and New York: Hurst and Oxford University Press. 372 pp.
Review by Raymond Cohen (87-89)

Getahun Benti. 2017. Urban Growth in Ethiopia, 1887-1974: From the Foundation of Finfinnee to the Demise of the First Imperial Era. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.  xviii + 213 pp.
Review by Ebrahim Damtew Alyou (89-90)

Kris Berwouts. 2017. Congo’s Violent Peace: Conflict and Struggle since the Great African War. London: Zed Books. 216 pp.
Review by Peter Admirand (90-91)

Paul Bjerk. 2017.  Julius Nyerere.  Athens, OH: Ohio University Press. 165 pp
Review by Tony Waters (91-93)

Sandra Calkins. 2016. Who Knows Tomorrow? Uncertainty in North-Eastern Sudan. New York: Berghahn. 282 pp.
Review by Tyler Zoanni (93-94)

Ian Campbell. 2017. The Addis Ababa Massacre: Italy’s National Shame. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press. 478 pp. 
Review by Zerihun Berhane Weldegebriel (94-96)

Neil Carrier. 2016. Little Mogadishu: Eastleigh, Nairobi’s Global Somali Hub. London: Hurst. xv + 313 pp. 
Review by Mohamed Haji Ingiriis (96-97)

Delinda Collier. 2016. Repainting the Walls of Lunda: Information Colonialism and Angolan Art. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. 253 pp.
Review by Kate Cowcher (97-99)

Jean Comaroff and John L. Comaroff. 2018. The Truth About Crime: Sovereignty, Knowledge and Social Order. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 347 pp.
Review by Sven Botha (99-100)

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Review by Adfer Rashid Shah (100-101)

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Review by John Nott (101-103)

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Review by John Konuk Blasing (103-104)

Ernest N. Emenyonu (ed.). 2017. A Companion to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Suffolk, UK: James Currey. 300 pp.
Review by Khushi Singh Rathore (104-105)

Toyin Falola and Jamaine Abidogun (eds.). 2017. Issues in African Political Economies. Durham, North Carolina: Carolina Academic Press. xxi, 402 pp. 
Review by Emmanuel Botlhale (106-107)

Toyin Falola and Bola Dauda. 2017. Decolonizing Nigeria, 1945-1960: Politics, Power, and Personalities. Austin, Texas: Pan-African University Press. 612 pp.
Review by Oluchi J. Igili (107-108)

Toyin Falola and Wanjala S. Nasong’o (eds.). 2016. Contentious Politics in Africa; Identity, Conflict and Social Change. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press. 354 pp. 
Review by Paul Turton and Kenneth Meyer (108-111)

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Review by Huud Shittu (111-112)

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Review by Daniel B. Domingues da Silva (112-113)

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Review by Michael R. Hogan (113-115)

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Review by Zachary Mondesire (115-116)

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Review by Adeniyi S. Basiru (116-118)

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Review by Thomas McNamara (118-119)

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Review by Louis Metcalfe (119-121)

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Review by Brian Maregedze (121-122)

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Review by Ryan Gibb (122-123)

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Review by Oti Rotimi Alaba (123-125)

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Review by Samuel Kofi Darkwa (125-127)

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Review by John Nott (127-128)

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Review by Marcus B. Filippello (128-129)

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Review by Muhamed Riyaz Chengenakkattil (131-132)

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Review by Sandra Calkins (132-134)

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Review by Enrico Ille (134-135)

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Review by Emily Cole (135-137)

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Review by Kenneth Meyer (137-138)