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Issue 3

SSN: 2152-2448

Special Issue: New Perspectives on the Horn of Africa

Highlights: Ethiopia; Elderly Care, Gender Relations, State Absolutism & Eritrean Migrant Encounters.


Contesting Images of Womanhood: The Narrative Construction of Gender Relations in Ethiopia
Tadesse Jaleta Jirata | Abstract |  Full Text: PDF (1-14)

Elderly Care and Social Support Systems among the Gedeo of Southern Ethiopia: Socio-cultural Contexts, Forms, Dynamics and Challenges
Fekadu Israel Alambo and Hawltie Abera | Abstract |  Full Text: PDF (15-28)

“What is Your Race?” Eritrean Migrant Encounters with Racial Identification Questions in South Africa 
Amanuel Isak Tewolde  | Abstract |  Full Text: PDF (29-46)

At Issue

State Absolutism and Moral Agency in the Political Philosophy of Thomas Hobbes and Niccolò Machiavelli: Implications for Eritrea
Petros B. Ogbazghi  | Abstract |  Full Text: PDF (47-64)

Book Reviews

Adekeye Adebajo. 2017. The Eagle and the Springbok: Essays on Nigeria and South Africa. Auckland Park, South Africa: Fanele, an imprint of Jacana Media (Pty) Ltd. 303 pp.
Review by Agaptus Nwozor (65-66)

Adekeye Adebajo and Kudrat Virk (eds.). 2018. Foreign Policy in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Security, Diplomacy and Trade. London: I.B. Tauris. 500 pp.
Review by Michael B. Bishku (66-67)

Jeffrey S. Ahlman. 2017. Living with Nkrumahism: Nation, State, and Pan-Africanism in Ghana. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press. 305 pp.
Review by Ikonnaya Osemwengie (67-69)

Alexius Amtaika (ed). 2017. Culture, Democracy and Development in Africa. Austin, Texas: Pan- African University Press. xxviii, 483 pp.
Review by Patrick Chukwudike Okpalaeke (69-70)

Felicitas Becker, Joel Cabrita, and Marie Rodet (eds.). 2018. Religion, Media, and Marginality in Modern Africa. Athens: Ohio University Press. ix, 320 pp.
Review by Benedikt Pontzen (70-71)

Nina Berman. 2017. Germans on the Kenyan Coast: Land, Charity, and Romance. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press. 268 pp.
Review by Thomas Bouril (72-73)

John Campbell and Matthew T. Page. 2018. Nigeria: What Everyone Needs to Know. New York: Oxford University Press. x, 218 pp. 
Review by John Olushola Magbadelo (73-75)

Cooper, Frederick. 2018. Citizenship, Inequality, and Difference: Historical Perspective. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press. 205 pp.
Review by Deepika Dehiya (75-77)

Richard Fardon and Sènga la Rouge (illus.). 2017. Learning from the Curse: Sembene’s Xala. London: C. Hurst & Co. 160 pp.
Review by Anthony Ballas (77-78)

Julia Gallagher. 2017. Zimbabwe’s International Relations: Fantasy, Reality and the Making of the State. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 256 pp.
Review by Mike Holmes (79-80)

Teresia Mbari Hinga. 2017. African, Christian, Feminist: The Enduring Search for What Matters. Mary Knoll, New York: Orbis Books. 244 pp.
Review by Seroala Tsoeu-Ntokoane (80-81)

Donna Hornby, Rosalie Kingwill, Lauren Royston, and Ben Cousins (eds.). 2017. Untitled: Securing Land Tenure in Urban and Rural South Africa. Pietermaritzburg: University of KwaZulu- Natal Press. 443 pp.
Review by Paul Stacey (82-83)

George Hamandishe Karekwaivanane. 2017. The Struggle Over State Power in Zimbabwe: Law and Politics since 1950. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 272 pp.
Review by Mediel Hove (83-85)

Abdul Raufu Mustapha and David Ehrhardt (eds.). 2018. Creed and Grievance: Muslim-Christian Relations and Conflict Resolution in Northern Nigeria. Rochester, NY: James Curry. 364 pp.
Review by Dauda Abubakar (85-87)

Dawn Nagar and Charles Mutasa (eds.). 2018. Africa and the World: Bilateral and Multilateral International Diplomacy. Palgrave Macmillan. xxxv, 520 pp.
Review by Hagan Sibiri (87-89)

Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator. 2018. Religion and Faith in Africa: Confessions of an Animist. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books. 188 pp. 
Review by J. Gregory Crofford (89-90)

Jessica Lynne Pearson. 2018. The Colonial Politics of Global Health: France and the United Nations in Postwar Africa. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 260 pp. 
Review by Jeremy Rich (90-91)

Devaka Premawardhana. 2018. Faith in Flux: Pentecostalism and Mobility in Rural Mozambique. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. 221 pp.
Review by D. Dmitri Hurlbut (91-93)

Robert Tynes. 2018. Tools of War, Tools of State. When Children Become Soldiers. NY: SUNY Press. 266 pp.
Review by Christopher M. Faulkner (93-94)

Greg L. Warchol. 2017. Exploiting the Wilderness: An Analysis of Wildlife Crime. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. xvi, 188 pp.
Review by Anton Peez (94-96)

Michael Woldemariam. 2018. Insurgent Fragmentation in the Horn of Africa: Rebellion and its Discontents. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. xiv, 317 pp.
Review by Ebrahim Damtew Alyou (96-97)