Volume 18, Issue 4 (October 2019)

SSN: 2152-2448

Table of Contents

Highlights: Constructions of Bantustans, Homophobia in Senegal, Restructuring in Nigeria.


Beyond Seeing QwaQwa, “Homelands” and “Black States”: Visual Onomastic Constructions of Bantustans in Apartheid South Africa
Oliver Nyambi and Rodwell Makombe | Abstract |  Full Text: PDF (1-20)

Mapping Political Homophobia in Senegal
Boris Bertolt and Léa E.J.S. Massé | Abstract  Full Text: PDF (21-40)

At Issue

New Clamour for “Restructuring” in Nigeria: Elite Politics, Contradictions, and Good Governance
Dele Babalola and Hakeem Onapajo |  Full Text: PDF (41-56)

Book Reviews

Alexius Amtaika (ed.). 2017. Socio-Economic Development in Africa: Challenges and Dimensions. Austin, Texas: Pan-African University Press. 461 pp.
Review by Adeniyi S. Basiru (57-58)

Beyene Atakilte (ed.). 2018. Agricultural Transformation in Ethiopia: State Policy and Smallholder Farming. London: Zed Books. 192 pp.
Review by Gift Wasambo Kayira (58-59)

Christopher Ballantine, Michael Chapman, Kira Erwin and Gehard Mare (eds.). 2017. Living Together, Living Apart? Social Cohesion in a Future South Africa. Pietermaritzburg: University of Kwazulu-Natal Press. 197 pp.
Review by Babatunde Aderemi Adedibu (59-60)

Herman L. Bennett. 2019. African Kings and Black Slaves; Sovereignty and Dispossession in the Early Modern Atlantic. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. 226 pp.
Review by Adel Manai (61-62)

Kathleen Bickford Berzock. (ed.). 2019. Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time: Art, Culture, and Exchange Across Medieval Saharan Africa. Evanston: Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University and Princeton: Princeton University Press. 312 pp.
Review by Steven Gish (62-63)

S. Elizabeth Bird and Rosina Umelo. 2018. Surviving Biafra: A Nigerwife’s Story. London: Hurst Publishers. 238 pp.
Review by Cyril-Mary Pius Olatunji and Mojalefa J.L. Koenane (63-64)

Crystal Biruk. 2018. Cooking Data: Culture and Politics in an African Research World. Durham: Duke University Press. 277 pp.
Review by Amy Crofford (64-65)

Vicki L. Brennan. 2018. Singing Yoruba Christianity: Music, Media, and Morality. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press. 210 pp.
Review by Oti Alaba Rotimi (65-66)

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Review by Segun Oshewolo (66-67)

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Review by Oliver Aiken (67-69)

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Review by Henri Oripeloye (69-70)

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Review by Sonal Sathe (70-71)

Rosalind Fredericks. 2018. Garbage Citizenship: Vital Infrastructures of Labor in Dakar, Senegal. Durham and London: Duke University Press. 200 pp.
Review by Adebisi Alade (71-72)

Zachary Kagan Guthrie. 2018. Bound for Work: Labour, Mobility and Colonial Rule in Central Mozambique, 1940-1965. Charlottesville and London: University of Virginia Press. 225 pp.
Review by Perseverence Muguti (72-73)

Anne Heffernan. 2019. Limpopo’s Legacy: Student Politics & Democracy in South Africa. Johannesburg: Wits University Press. 254 pp.
Review by Utsav Kumar Singh (73-75)

Cajetan Iheka. 2018. Naturalizing Africa: Ecological Violence, Agency and Postcolonial Resistance in African Literature. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 211 pp.
Review by Coker Oluwole (75-76)

Cajetan Iheka and Jack Taylor (eds.). 2018. African Migration Narratives: Politics, Race and Space. Rochester: University of Rochester Press. 310 pp. 
Review by Theophilus Okunlola (76-77)

Damascus Kafumbe. 2018. Tuning the Kingdom: Kawuugulu Musical Performance, Politics, and Storytelling in Buganda. Rochester: University of Rochester Press. 151 pp.
Review by Christina Quigley (77-79)

Emmanuel Katongole. 2017. The Journey of Reconciliation: Groaning for New Creation in Africa. New York: Orbis Books. 189 pp.
Review by Benson Ohihon Igboin (79-80)

Michael Keating and Matt Waldman (eds.). 2019. War and Peace in Somalia: National Grievances, Local Conflict and Al-Shabaab. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 607 pp.
Review by William A. Taylor (80-81)

Mick Moore, Wilson Prichard, and Odd-Helge Fjeldstad. 2018. Taxing Africa: Coercion, Reform and Development. London: Zed Books Ltd. 276 pp. 
Review by Emmanuel Botlhale (81-82)

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Review by Nelly Leblond (82-84)

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Review by Shanee Cohen (84-85)

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Review by Oluwayemisi Adebanjo (85-86)

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Review by Joshua Ondieki (87-88)

Ebenezer Obadare. 2018. Pentecostal Republic: Religion and the Struggle for State Power in Nigeria. London: Zed Books. 214 pp.
Review by Patrick Chukwudike Okpalaeke (88-89)

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Review by Ola Oladipo (89-90)

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Review by Rinki Dahiya (90-92)

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Review by Olajide Damilare Daniel (92-93)

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Review by Olivier Walther (93-94)

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Review by Monish Borah (95-96)

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Review by Elizabeth Brewer Redwine (96-97)

Federic Volpi. 2017. Revolution and Authoritarianism in North Africa. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 232 pp
Review by Kenneth Meyer (97-98)