Volume 2, Issue 2 (1998)

ISSN: 215-2448

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Highlights: National Development Fund (NDF) Models, Wilsonian Conception of Democracy and Human Rights, History of Racism, Nationalism and Social Movements, African Archaeology, African Islam, Francophone African Women Writers


Development fund Model
Goran Hyden  |  Excerpt  |  PDF (1-15)

Rethinking Hyden’s Development Fund Model: A Critique and Suggestions for Modification
Olatunde J.B. Ojo  |  Excerpt  |  PDF (17-32)

At Issue: U.S. Foreign Policy toward Africa

The Wilsonian Conception of Democracy and Human Rights: A Retrospective and Prospective
Korwa G. Adar  |  Excerpt  |  PDF (33-44)

Book Reviews

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The Comparative Imagination. On The History Of Racism, Nationalism, And Social Movements. George M. Fredrickson. Berkeley: University Of California Press. 1997.
Christopher Saunders  |  PDF (45-46)

Aspects of African Archaeology. Papers from the 10th Congress of the PanAfrican Association for Prehistory and Related Studies. Gilbert Pwiti and Robert Soper, eds. University of Zimbabwe Publications, Harare [distributed by the African Books Collective Ltd., Oxford UK], 1996. 
Diane Gifford-Gonzalez  |  PDF (46-49)

African Islam and Islam in Africa: Encounters between Sufis and Islamist. Eva Evers Rosander and David Westerlund, eds. Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 1997.
John Hanson  |  PDF (49-51)

Francophone African Women Writers: Destroying the Emptiness of Silence. Irene Assiba D’Almeida. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1994; and,The African Novel in English: An Introduction. M. Keith Booker. Portsmouth: Heinemann, 1998.
Huma Ibrahim  |  PDF (51-53)