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Issue 3

ISSN 215-2448

Special Issue: Human Rights and Governance in Africa

Guest Editor: Paul J. Magnarella

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Highlights: Women’s Human Rights and Ethical Relativism, African Political Cultures, Lawgiving and Justice, U.N. International Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR)


Paul J. Magnarella  |  HTML  |  PDF (1-2)

Women’s Human Rights in Africa: Beyond the Debate over the Universality or Relativity of Human Rights
Diana J. Fox  |  Excerpt  |  PDF (3-16)

African Political Cultures and the Problems of Government
Elliott P. Skinner  |  Excerpt  |  PDF (17-25)

Lawgiving and the Administration of Justice in Some African and Other Early States
Henri J. M. Claessen  |  Excerpt  |  PDF (27-36)

The U.N. Tribunal for Rwanda Concludes its First Case: A Monumental Step Towards Truth
Paul J. Magnarella  |  Excerpt  |  PDF (37-43)

At Issue

Can the US Department of State Surrender Rwandan Refugees to the U.N. Criminal Tribunal?
Paul Magnarella  |  HTML  |  PDF (45-47)

Book Reviews

Download Book Reviews – PDF

Women in Africa and the Diaspora. Rosalyn Terborg-Penn and Andrea Benton Rushing, Eds. Washington DC: Howard University Press. 1996
Fuabeh P. Fonge  |  PDF (49-50)

Lethal Aid: The Illusion of Socialism and Self Reliance in Tanzania. Severine M. Rugumamu. Trenton, NJ: African World Press. 1997
Christopher M. Johnson  |  PDF (51-53)

Limits to Change: The Political Economy of Transformation. Hein Marais. South Africa: London and New York, Zed Press. 1998
Brendon Works  |  PDF (53-56)