Volume 6, Issues 1 & 2 (Spring 2002)

ISSN: 215-2448

Special Issue: Gender and Soil Fertility in Africa

Guest Editors: Christina H. Gladwin, Lin Cassidy, Parakh N. Hoon

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Highlights: Gender and Soil Fertility in Uganda, Household Food Security, Malawi, Gendered Scripts, Ethiopia, Adoption of Soil Fertility Technologies, Female Rice Farmers in Senegal, Cash Cropping, Vouchers vs. Grants, Gender Analysis, Nationwide Cropping System Trial Surveys, Agroforestry Innovations, Modeling Agroforestry Adoption, Household Decision-Making, Gender-sensitive LP models, Smallholders in Zimbabwe, Fertilizer as a Public or Private Good


Introduction to Gender and Soil Fertility in Africa
Christina H. Gladwin  |  Abstract  |  PDF (1-26)

Gendered Evidence of the Decline of Soil Fertility and Agricultural Productivity in Africa

Gender and Soil Fertility in Uganda: A Comparison of Soil Fertility Indicators on Women’s and Men’s Agricultural Plots
Peter Nkedi-Kizza, Jacob Aniku, Kafui Awuma, and Christina H. Gladwin
Abstract  |  PDF (27-43)

Gender and Soil Fertility Management in Mbale District, Southeastern Uganda
Abe Goldman and Kathleen Heldenbrand  |  Excerpt  |  PDF (45-76)

Diminishing choices: Gender and Household Food Security Decisions in Malawi
Robert Uttaro  |  Abstract  |  PDF (77-110)

Gendered Scripts and Declining Soil fertility in Southern Ethiopia
Michael Dougherty  |  Abstract  |  PDF (111-156)

Testing A Diversity of Solutions for a Diversity of Farmers

Gender, Household Composition, and Adoption of Soil Fertility Technologies: A Study of Women Rice Farmers in Southern Senegal
Amy J. Sullivan  |  Excerpt  |  PDF (157-173)

The Effect of Cash Cropping, Credit, and Household Composition on Food Security in Southern Malawi
Andrea S. Anderson  |  Abstract  |  PDF (175-202)

Vouchers versus Grants: Evidence from Malawi’s Starter Pack Program
Amy E. Gough, Peter E. Hildebrand, and Christina H. Gladwin
Abstract  |  PDF (203-222)

Gender Analysis of a Nationwide Cropping System Trial Survey in Malawi
Robert A. Gilbert, Webster D. Sakala, and Todd D. Benson
Abstract  |  PDF (223-243)

Agroforestry Innovations in Africa: Can they Improve Soil Fertility on Women Farmers’ Fields?
Christina H. Gladwin, Jennifer S. Peterson, and Robert Uttaro
Abstract  |  PDF (245-269)

Modeling Agroforestry Adoption and Household Decision Making in Malawi
Paul H. Thangata, Peter E. Hildebrand, and Christina H. Gladwin
Abstract  |  PDF (271-293)

Gender-sensitive LP Models in Soil Fertility Research for Smallholder Farmers: Reaching de jure Female Headed Households in Zimbabwe
Maxwell Mudhara, Peter E. Hildebrand, and Christina H. Gladwin
Excerpt  |  PDF (295-309)

Conclusion and Implications for Policy

Is Fertilizer a Public or Private Good in Africa? An Opinion Piece
Christina Gladwin, Alan Randall, Andrew Schmidt, and G. Edward Schuh
HTML  |  PDF (311-321)

Book Reviews

Download Book Reviews – PDF

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James T. Murphy  |  PDF (323-325)

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Ethiopia: A New Start?
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Olufemi A. Akinola  |  PDF (326-330)

State Legitimacy and Development in Africa. .
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Brendan McSherry  |  PDF (330-332)

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Saskia Van Hoyweghen  |  PDF (332-334)

State, Civil Society and Apartheid: An Examination of Dutch Reformed Church-State Relations.
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Samantha Manchester Earley  |  PDF (335-337)