Volume 7, Issue 1 (Spring 2003):

ISSN 215-2448

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Highlights: Democratic Transitions, Delimitation of the Elastic Ilemi Triangle, Pastoral Conflicts, Morroco in Transition, Legacy of King Hassan II, African Leadership, Diasporal Imagination


Trop De Soleil tue L’amour et en Attendant Le Vote Des Betes Sauvages: Deux Extremes, Un Bilan Des Transitions Democratiques En Afrique
Pierre Fandio  |  Abstract  |  PDF

Delimitation of the Elastic Ilemi Triangle: Pastoral Conflicts and Official Indifference in the Horn of Africa
Nene Mburu  |  Abstract  |  PDF

Morocco in Transition: Overcoming the Democratic and Human Rights Legacy Of King Hassan II
Patricia Campbell  |  Abstract  |  PDF

At Issue

On the Subject of Kings and Queens: “Traditional” African Leadership And The Diasporal Imagination
Al-Yasha Ilhaam Williams  |  Abstract  |  PDF

Book Reviews

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Ethnicity and Burundi’s Refugees
Tony Waters  |  PDF

South Africa’s Resistance Press: Alternative Voices in the Last Generation under Apartheid.
Les Switzer and Mohamed Adhikari (eds.), Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press 2000. Pp. 427. 
Kirsten Ruether  |  PDF

Truth & Reconciliation in South Africa: Miracle or Model?
Lyn S. Graybill. Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers Inc., 2002. Pp. 231.
Annelies Verdoolaege  |  PDF

Apartheid No More: Case Studies of Southern African Universities in the Process of Transformation. 
Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela and Kimberley Lenease King. Westport, CT and London: Bergin and Garvey, 2001. Pp173. 
Pumla Dineo Gqola  |  PDF

Can We Talk.
Shimmer Chinodya, Heinemann, 2001. Pp. 162. 
Sonja Darlington  |  PDF

Alice Lakwena and the Holy Spirits: War in Northern Uganda 1986-97.
Heike Behrend. Oxford: James Curry, 1999. Pp. 210.
Ian Martinez  |  PDF

Zones of Conflict in Africa.
George Klay Kieh, Jr. and Ida Rousseau Mukenge, eds. Westport, CT and London: Praeger, 2002. Pp. 174.
Joseph P. Smaldone  |  PDF

Ethnicity in Africa: Towards a Positive Approach.
Hameso Y. Seyoum. London: TSC Publication. 1997. Pp. 120.
Samwel Ong’wen Okuro  |  PDF