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Issues 2 & 3

ISSN 215-2448

Special Issue: Zimbabwe Looking Ahead

Guest Editor: Todd Leedy

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Highlights: Contemporary Zimbabwean Politics, Constitutionalism, Crises in the Age of Neo-Liberal Globalization, Industry and the Urban Sector, Land Reform, Resettled Farmers, Independence, Violence Against Women, Conflict


Editor’s Note

The Dualities of Contemporary Zimbabwean Politics: Constitutionalism versus the Law of Power and the Land, 1999-2002
Susan Booysen  |  Abstract  |  PDF (1-31)

Zimbabwe’s Triple Crisis: Primitive Accumulation, Nation-State Formation and Democratisation in the Age of Neo-liberal Globalisation
David Moore  |  Abstract  |  PDF (33-51)

Industry and the Urban Sector in Zimbabwe’s Political Economy
Pádraig Carmody and Scott Taylor  |  Abstract  |  PDF (53-80)

Narratives on Land: State-Peasant Relations Over Fast Track Land Reform in Zimbabwe
Bevlyne Sithole, Bruce Campbell, Dale Doré, and Witness Kozanayi
Abstract  |  PDF (81-95)

The Experience of Resettled Farmers in Zimbabwe
Sophia Chiremba and William Masters  |  Abstract  |  PDF (97-117)

Opposition Politics in Independent Zimbabwe
Liisa Laakso  |  Abstract  |  PDF (119-137)

War Veterans: Continuities Between the Past and the Present
Norma Kriger  |  Abstract  |  PDF (139-152)

Crisis in the State and the Family: Violence Against Women in Zimbabwe
Mary Johnson Osirim  |  Abstract  |  PDF (153-169)

Press and Politics in Zimbabwe
Stanford D. Mukasa  |  Abstract  |  PDF (171-183)

Globalizing Land and Food in Zimbabwe: Implications for Southern Africa
Carol B. Thompson  |  Abstract  |  PDF (185-201)

AT ISSUE: Responding to Kitching’s “Why I Left African Studies.”

Africanists and Responsibility: Some Reflections
Guest Editor: Marc Epprecht  |  PDF (203-204)

Eyes Wide Shut: Africanists and the Moral Problematics of Postcolonial Societies
Timothy Burke  |  PDF (205-209)

Academic Melancholy, Romantic Cynicism and the Road Not Taken
Lisa McNee  |  PDF (211-213)

Beyond Blame?
Carole Pearce  |  PDF (215-218)

Colonial and Post-colonial Latin America
David Sheinin  |  PDF (219-224)

Why I Love African Studies
Marc Epprecht  |  PDF (225-228)

Jagged Fragments: Imperialism, Racism, Hurt, and Honesty
Gavin Kitching  |  PDF (229-236)

Book Reviews

Download Book Reviews

The Post-Apartheid Constitutions: Perspectives on South Africa’s Basic Law
Penelope Andrews and Stephen Ellmann (eds.). Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press, 2001. 606 pp. 
Shedrack C. Agbakwa  |  PDF (237-239)

Protestant Churches and the Formation of Political Consciousness in Southern Mozambique (1930-1974)
Teresa Cruz e Silva. Basel, Switzerland: P. Schlettwein Publishing, 2001. 210 pp.
Inge Brinkman  |  PDF (239-241)

Why Peacekeeping Fails
Dennis C. Jett. Palgrave MacMillan 2000. 240 pp.
Josiah Brownell  |  PDF (241-243)

The Bang Bang Club: Snapshots From A Hidden War
Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva. (Foreword By Archbishop Desmond Tutu). New York: Basic Books, 2000. 253 pp. 
Derek Charles Catsam  |  PDF (243-245)

The London Missionary Society in Southern Africa, 1799-1999: Historical Essays in Celebration of the Bicentenary of the LMS in Southern Africa
John de Gruchy, (ed.) Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 2000. 229 pp.
Alan L. Chan  |  PDF (245-248)

Proclaiming Political Pluralism: Churches and Political Transitions in Africa
Isaac Phiri. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 2001. 169 pp.
Alan L. Chan  |  PDF (245-248)

Understanding African Philosophy: A Cross Cultural Approach to Classical and Contemporary Issues
Richard Bell. New York: Routledge, 2002. 189 pp.
Muyiwa Falaiye and Oscar Odiboh  |  PDF (249-251)

Media and Resistance Politics in Namibia: The Alternative Press in Namibia, 1960-1990
William Heuva. Basel, Switzerland: Schlettwein Publishing, 2001. 166 pp.
Wence Kaswoswe  |  PDF (251-253)

Workers, War and the Origins of Apartheid: Labour and Politics in South Africa, 1939-48
Peter Alexander. Ohio University Press, 2000. 214 pp.
Chima J. Korieh  |  PDF (253-255)

Money Struggles and City Life: Devaluation in Ibadan and Other Urban Centers in Southern Nigeria, 1986-1996
Jane Guyer, LaRay Denzer and Adigun Agbaje (eds). Portsmouth NH: Heineman, 2002. 269 pp.
Insa Nolte  |  PDF (255-257)

The Root Causes of Sudan’s Civil Wars.
Douglas Johnson, Bloomington IN: Indiana University Press 2003. 234 pp.
Lee J. M. Seymour  |  PDF (257-258)

The African Stakes of the Congo War
John F. Clark (ed.), New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2002. 249 pp.
Stefaan Smis  |  PDF (258-259)

Africa Since 1935 (General History of Africa. Volume 8)
Ali. A. Mazrui (ed) California: University of California Press 1999. 1072 pp.
Jerome Teelucksingh  |  PDF (260)