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Volume 8

Issue 1 (Fall 2004)

Special Issue: Truth and Reconciliation Commissions in Africa

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Highlights: Transnational Justice, South Africa, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Apartheid, South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Issue 2 (Spring 2005)

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Highlights: Political Violence, Justice, Northern Uganda, Rural Labor Market Participation, Tanzania, Ghana, Decentralization, American Race Relations

Issue 3 (Spring 2006)

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Highlights:¬†Colonial Legacies, Women’s Participation in Public Life, British Southern Cameroons, Oil, Equatorial Guinea, American Relations with Tanzania, African Francophone Cinema, Tourism in South Africa

Issue 4 (Summer 2006)

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Highlights: Maize Pest Control, South African Development Community (SADC), French Colonialism, Upper Volta, Uganda, Entrepreneurism, Urban Renewal, Construction Technology, South Africa