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Issue 4

ISSN 215-2448

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Highlights: Maize Pest Control, South African Development Community (SADC), French Colonialism, Upper Volta, Uganda, Entrepreneurism, Urban Renewal, Construction Technology, South Africa


Effectiveness of Maize Cob Powder in Controlling Weevils in Stored Maize Grain
C.T. Gadzirayi, E. Mutandwa, and T.J. Chikuvire  |  Abstract  |  PDF

Dim Delobsom: French Colonialism and Local Response in Upper Volta
Michael Kevane  |  Abstract  |  PDF

Causes of Small Business Failure in Uganda: A Case Study from Bushenyi and Mbarara Towns
Charles Tushabomwe-Kazooba  |  Abstract  |  PDF

At Issue

Urban Renewal through Labour-Intensive Construction Technology in South Africa: Problems and Potentials
Wellington Didibhuku Thwala  |  Abstract  |  PDF

Book Reviews

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