Volume 9, Issue 3 (Spring 2007)

ISSN 215-2448

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Highlights: Economic Theory, Community Decision-Making, Land Tenure, Kenya, Regionalism, Security Architecture, Educational Reconstruction, Sierra Leone, Indigenous Methods of Sweet Potato Preservation, Smallholder Farmers, Zimbabwe


The Persistence of the Commons: Economic Theory and Community Decision-Making on Land Tenure in Voi, Kenya 
Ellen M. Bassett  |  Abstract  |  PDF (1-29)

Competing Regionalisms in Africa and the Continent’s Emerging Security Architecture
Benedikt F. Franke  |  Abstract  |  PDF (31-64)

Tradition and Educational Reconstruction in Africa in Postcolonial and Global Times: The Case for Sierra Leone
Yatta Kanu  |  Abstract  |  PDF (65-84)

Comparative Assessment of Indigenous Methods of Sweet Potato Preservation among Smallholder Farmers: Case of Grass, Ash and Soil based Approaches in Zimbabwe 
Edward Mutandwa and Christopher Tafara Gadzirayi  |  Abstract  |  PDF (85-98)

Book Reviews

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REVIEW ARTICLE: Identifying the Limits to Humanitarian Intervention: Echoes from Rwanda

Tony Waters  |  PDF (99-106)

U.S. Policy in Postcolonial Africa: Four Case Studies in Conflict Resolution. F. Ugboaja Ohaegbulam. New York: Peter Lang, 2004. 280 pp. 
Review by Lekan Badru  |  (106-108)

Southern Africa in World Politics:Local Aspirations and Global Entanglements. Janice Love. Cambridge: Westview Press, 2005. 224 pp.  
Review by Bram Büscher  |  (108-109)

Getting In: Mediators’ Entry into the Settlement of African Conflicts. Mohammed O. Maundi, I. William Zartman, Gilbert M. Khadiagala, and Kwaku Nuamah. Washington, DC: United States Institute of Peace Press, 2006. 256 pp.
Review by Mark Davidheiser  |  (110-111)

The Angels Have Left Us: The Rwanda Tragedy and the Churches (with foreword by Desmond Tutu). Hugh McCullum. Geneva: WCC Publications, 2004. 132 pp.
Review by Cara Hauck  |  (111-113)

The United Nations Development Programme: A Better Way? Craig N. Murphy. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2006. 372 pp.
Review by Joseph Kraus  |  (113-115)

Images of Empire: Photographic Sources for the British in the Sudan. W. Daly and Jane R. Hogan. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill, 2005. 391 pp. 
Review by Adel Manai  |  (115-117)

Displacement Risks in Africa: Refugees, Resettlers and Their Host Population. Itaru Ohta and Yntiso D. Gebre (eds). Kyoto, Japan: Kyoto University Press/Trans Pacific Press, 2005. 394 pp.
Review by Sarah Meyer  |  (117-119)

Fipa Families: Reproduction and Catholic Evangelization in Nkansi, Ufipa, 1880-1960. Kathleen R. Smythe. Portsmouth: Heinemann, 2006. 202 pp.  
Review by Jeremy Rich  |  (119-121)