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Congresswoman Frances Payne Bolton and the Trip to Africa, 1955

Published: Mar 8th, 2019

Abstract This article considers the opportunities that emerged during the 1950s for American interests in Africa through consideration of a unique story, that of Congresswoman Frances Bolton and her trip… Read More

The Dragon Shapes Its Image: A Study of Chinese Media Influence Strategies in Africa

Published: Jan 14th, 2017

by Michael Leslie Abstract As China continues its human, cultural and commercial expansion into Africa it has a clear strategic interest in managing its image on the continent. The leadership in… Read More

The Image of Africa in China: The Emerging Role of Chinese Social Media

Published: Jan 14th, 2017

by Lianxing Li Abstract While the debate on Africa’s image is sliding into two extremes in the Western world, either too desperate or too optimistic, China’s narrative on this continent remains… Read More

Does Chinese Employment Benefit Africans? Investigating Chinese Enterprises and their Operations in Africa

Published: Jan 14th, 2017

by Tang Xiaoyang Abstract The growing presence of Chinese enterprises in Africa has attracted public attention to their employment practices. Critics blame Chinese for not hiring local workers, paying low… Read More

The Political Economy of Galamsey and Anti-Chinese Sentiment in Ghana

Published: Jan 14th, 2017

by Richard Aidoo Abstract Recently, as Chinese engagements in Africa involve a diverse array of actors, including states, corporations, private and public ventures, individuals, and groups, Beijing’s economic and diplomatic relationships… Read More

China’s Peace and Security Strategies in Africa: Building Capacity is Building Peace?

Published: Jan 14th, 2017

by Lina Benabdallah Abstract There is a growing body of scholarship that examines China’s security engagement in Africa. However, such scholarship largely views security cooperation in terms of military aid and… Read More

Sino-optimism in Africa

Published: Jan 14th, 2017

by Seifudein Adem  Abstract Sino-optimism refers to the conviction or expectation that China is a force for good in Africa.  There is little doubt that China would like to see Africa… Read More