by Michael Leslie Abstract As China continues its human, cultural and commercial expansion into Africa it has a clear strategic interest in managing its image on the continent. The leadership in both its government and private sectors know China must find ways to counteract negative reports that accuse China and some African leaders and their regimes […]

by Lianxing Li Abstract While the debate on Africa’s image is sliding into two extremes in the Western world, either too desperate or too optimistic, China’s narrative on this continent remains politically oriented and does not fit the fast growing economic and trade relationships between two sides. As the online social platform is gaining mass popularity […]

by Agnes Ngoma Leslie Abstract This paper examines the role of civic protest and opposition politics in changing the dynamics of the relationship between Zambia and China at the top leadership and working class levels.  It looks specifically at how the workers’ plight became elevated to the top agenda and became a major issue for the […]

by Claude Kabemba Abstract The relationship between China and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) relations provides a unique case to test China’s win-win policy with African countries. A recurring question is how can a win-win partnership be realized between very unequal partners? China is a global power ideologically, economically, militarily, and financially. The DRC is […]

by Richard Aidoo Abstract Recently, as Chinese engagements in Africa involve a diverse array of actors, including states, corporations, private and public ventures, individuals, and groups, Beijing’s economic and diplomatic relationships on the continent have become rather variegated and complex. The colliding of these actors and varied interests/motives is also shaping the discourse of anti-Chinese sentiment, […]

by Lina Benabdallah Abstract There is a growing body of scholarship that examines China’s security engagement in Africa. However, such scholarship largely views security cooperation in terms of military aid and military equipment and considers security from a traditional perspective. This article proposes to expand the scope of security to include non-traditional aspects of cooperation such […]

by Seifudein Adem  Abstract Sino-optimism refers to the conviction or expectation that China is a force for good in Africa.  There is little doubt that China would like to see Africa succeed.  The sense of solidarity with Africa in China’s diplomatic thought is quite deep—intrinsic interest underlies China’s approach to Africa today, unlike the West’s interest, […]