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The Cattle are “Ghanaians” but the Herders are Strangers: Farmer-Herder Conflicts, Expulsion Policy, and Pastoralist Question in Agogo, Ghana

Published: Mar 28th, 2015

by Azeez Olaniyan, Michael Francis, and Ufo Okeke-Uzodike Abstract The phenomenon of farmer-herders conflict across West Africa has prompted management strategies by several governments across the subcontinent. One of the conflict… Read More

A Community-Based Program in a Non-Existent Community

Published: Mar 28th, 2015

by Kwadwo Adusei-Asante Abstract Community is one of the idealized terms used frequently in contemporary development discourse. This paper argues that community is a complex and portrays the outcomes of development… Read More

Party Youth Activists and Low-­Intensity Electoral Violence in Ghana: A Qualitative Study of Party Foot Soldiers’ Activism

Published: Jan 16th, 2015

by George Bob-Milliar Abstract Within the literature, there is growing concern about how competitive politics are contributing to electoral violence in Africa. The focus of scholars has been on large‑scale organized political violence,… Read More

Citizen or Client? An Analysis of Everyday Politics in Ghana

Published: Jan 16th, 2015

by Lauren M. MacLean  Abstract This paper reconsiders the abstract concepts of citizenship and clientelism based on the political attitudes and everyday practices of people living in Ghana. Drawing on survey… Read More

Bread and Freedom: Linking Democracy and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa

Published: Jan 16th, 2015

by Kirk Harris Abstract This article looks at the effect of politics on food security in thirty-­eight Sub‑Saharan African nations since 1990. In so doing, it helps clarify the causal mechanisms through… Read More

The Legacy of J.J. Rawlings in Ghanaian Politics, 1979-2000

Published: Mar 20th, 2014

by John L. Adedeji Abstract Jerry John Rawlings, Ghana’s leader since the December 31, 1981 coup until the 2000 elections, was a Flight Lieutenant in the Air Force and a… Read More

Changes in Official Attitudes Towards Urban Agriculture in Accra

Published: Mar 18th, 2014

by Kwaku Obosu-Mensah Introduction Urbanization is increasing in African countries. In 2000 the United Nations reported that 38% of Africans lived in urban areas. This figure is expected increase to… Read More

Small Towns in Ghana: Justifications for their Promotion under Ghana’s Decentralisation Programme

Published: Mar 13th, 2014

by George Owusu Abstract Abstract: A key objective of Ghana’s decentralization programme is the promotion of small towns, particularly district capitals, as a means of reducing rural-urban migration and the rapid… Read More

Competing Regionalisms in Africa and the Continent’s Emerging Security Architecture

Published: Feb 28th, 2014

by Benedikt F. Franke Abstract While the relationship between the United Nations and Africa’s various regional and sub-regional organisations has already been the subject of much debate, hardly any attention has… Read More

Medicine and Anthropology in Twentieth Century Africa: Akan Medicine and Encounters with (Medical) Anthropology

Published: Feb 28th, 2014

by Kwasi Konadu Abstract Since the 1920s, there has been a foreground of fluctuating perspectives on indigenous African medicine and therapeutics in the medical anthropology of Africa. These circular perspectives… Read More