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From Slave Ship to Space Ship: African Between Marginalization and Globalization

Published: Mar 27th, 2014

by Ali Mazrui When we formulated the title “From Slave Ship to Space-Ship”, we did not have Senator John Glenn’s 1998 space odyssey in mind. By coincidence this odyssey was… Read More

The Challenges Facing Nigeria’s Foreign Policy in the Next Millennium

Published: Mar 25th, 2014

by Ebenezer Okpokpo Introduction Since Nigeria became independent in 1960 its foreign policy, like that of most other countries, has witnessed successes and failures. The current debate on President Obasanjo’s… Read More

Globalizing Land and Food in Zimbabwe: Implications for Southern Africa

Published: Mar 14th, 2014

by Carol Thompson Abstract For political and economic crises as severe as Zimbabwe, domestic causes are central, but the conflict in Zimbabwe is not simply internal; it is regional and… Read More

The Challenge of Globalization, Labor Market Restructuring and Union Democracy in Ghana

Published: Feb 28th, 2014

by Akua O. Britwum and Pim Martens Abstract The resulting labor market transformations imposed by adjustment of national economies prompt changes in the organizational strategies of labor movements. Such strategies… Read More