by Mediel Hove Abstract This article discusses human security in the context of cash shortages that Zimbabweans experienced between 2007 and 2008, not withstanding the fact that the human security facets were gradually threatened in the country following the introduction of the Economic Structural Adjustment Programme in 1991 and the establishment of the Movement for […]

by Lina Benabdallah Abstract There is a growing body of scholarship that examines China’s security engagement in Africa. However, such scholarship largely views security cooperation in terms of military aid and military equipment and considers security from a traditional perspective. This article proposes to expand the scope of security to include non-traditional aspects of cooperation such […]

by Goran Hyden, University of Florida Introduction Development, as we typically define it, implies the integration of livelihoods into an increasingly global economy where the destinies of people living continents apart are no longer separate. New forms of social consciousness emerge from the effects of these globalized resource flows. Conflicts arise more and more over control […]

by Mpho G. Molomo Abstract This article discusses civil-military relations in Botswana with emphasis on internal security and regional instability as they affect Botswana’s development. It recommends that internal security should be left to the police, while the military serves as an instrument of foreign policy. It contends that the involvement of the military in […]

by Alexander Noyes Abstract While international actors use power sharing to resolve a vast range of conflicts in Africa and view state security reform as critical to achieving durable peace, there is a distinct lack of studies that examine the relationship between power sharing and security sector reform. This paper argues that, in the cases of […]