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The Debt Has Not Been Paid, the Accounts Have Not Been Settled

Published: Mar 27th, 2014

by Dudley Thompson First of all, I want to thank the students and those who are responsible for giving me the chance to participate in these “streets of intellect.” Listening… Read More

Political Versus Legal Strategies for the African Slavery Reparations Movement

Published: Mar 27th, 2014

by Ricardo Rene Laremont In 1992 Chief Moshood K. 0. Abiola instigated the creation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) Group of Eminent Persons for Reparations. The original members… Read More

From Slave Ship to Space Ship: African Between Marginalization and Globalization

Published: Mar 27th, 2014

by Ali Mazrui When we formulated the title “From Slave Ship to Space-Ship”, we did not have Senator John Glenn’s 1998 space odyssey in mind. By coincidence this odyssey was… Read More

Africa Versus the West in the Court of Reparations

Published: Mar 21st, 2014

by ‘Muyiwa Falaiye Introduction When Alex Haley’s Roots was first serialized on Nigerian television in the 1970’s, I was too young to appreciate it beyond seeing it as the story of slave… Read More

Globalisation, NEPAD and the Governance Question in Africa

Published: Mar 18th, 2014

by ‘Kunle Amuwo Introduction and Problematique The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) is yet another initiative by Africa’s Heads of State and Governments intended to reverse, for good, the beggarly… Read More

Comparative Perspectives on the Rehabilitation of Ex-Slaves and Former Child Soldiers with Special Reference to Sudan

Published: Feb 28th, 2014

by Randall Fegley Abstract Despite the January 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, reconstruction of southern Sudan remains a daunting task, which limited resources and unlimited suspicions may derail or delay. Among… Read More