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Markets and Morality: American Relations with Tanzania

Published: Mar 13th, 2014

by Tony Waters Introduction Tanzania has never been high on the list of official US relationships in Africa.  And for America, this has probably not been a major problem; the… Read More

The Political Economy of Oil in Equatorial Guinea

Published: Mar 13th, 2014

by Brendan McSherry Abstract This paper analyzes the political economy of oil in Equatorial Guinea, one of Africa’s newest and most important oil producers. It begins with a brief history… Read More

Taking American Race Relations on the Road…to Africa

Published: Mar 13th, 2014

by Rebecca Gearhart Author’s Note I originally wrote this article in the summer of 2001, after returning from Kenya where I had spent the month of May with eighteen Illinois… Read More

An interest in intervention: A moral argument for Darfur

Published: Feb 28th, 2014

by Christy Mawdsley Introduction The United States government has consistently failed to act when faced with governments committing mass atrocities against their own citizens. Yet U.S. leaders acknowledge that the… Read More

A Question of Intervention: American Policymaking in Sierra Leone and the Power of Institutional Agenda Setting

Published: Feb 28th, 2014

by Christopher R. Cook Abstract This article is an examination of American foreign policy towards Sierra Leone in 1999 and 2000. Hopefully it will contribute to the literature of Sierra… Read More

The Transformation of the US-based Liberian Diaspora from Hard Power to Soft Power Agents

Published: Feb 20th, 2014

by Osman Antwi-Boateng Abstract As a result of a “hurting stalemate” and the failure to capture power through coercion, moderate elements within the US-based Liberian diaspora resorted to soft power in order… Read More