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African Studies Quarterly
Volume 3, Issue 1

ISSN: 215-2448


Privatization in Nigeria
Robert Dibie  |  HTML  |  PDF (1)

Counterfoil Choices in the Kalabari Life Cycle
Nimi Wariboko  |  HTML  |  PDF (3-21)

At Issue

Africa Versus the West in the Court of Reparations
Muyiwa Falaiye  |  HTML  |  PDF (23-28)

Book Reviews

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Inventing Masks: Agency and History in the Art of the Central Pende. Z.S. Strother. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press 1998.
Mary Jo Arnoldi  |  HTML  |  PDF (29-30)

Participatory Development: The Case of Zimbabwe. John M. Makumbe. University of Zimbabwe Publications, Harare, Zimbabwe, 1996.
Lisa Daniels  |  HTML  |  PDF (31-32)

Africa: Dilemmas of Development and Change. Peter Lewis, ed. Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1998.
Pierre Englebert  |  HTML  |  PDF (32-34)

Africa: Dilemmas of Development and Change. Peter Lewis, ed. Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1998.
Peter A. Hartmann  |  HTML  |  PDF (34-35)

Reference Guide to Africa: A Bibliography of Resources. Alfred Kagan and Yvette Scheven. Lanham MD and London: Scarecrow Press, Inc., 1999.
Gregory A. Finnegan  |  HTML  |  PDF (35-38)

Terrific Majesty: The Powers of Shaka Zulu and the Limits of Historical Invention. Carolyn Hamilton. Harvard University Press, Cambridge MA, 1998.
Paul S. Landau  |  HTML  |  PDF (38-40)

Women, Land and Authority: Perspectives from South Africa. Shamim Meer, ed. Oxfam and David Philip, 1997.
Kimberly Lanegran  |  HTML  |  PDF (40-42)

Profit not for Profit's Sake: History and Business Culture of African Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe. Volker Wild. Baobab Books, Harare, 1997. Distributed exclusively by the African Books Collective, Ltd., Oxford UK.
Assefa Mehretu  |  HTML  |  PDF (42-43)

African Foreign Policies. Stephen Wright. Westview Press, Boulder CO, 1999.
Joseph P. Smaldone  |  HTML  |  PDF (44-46)

The Making of Contemporary Africa: The Development of African Society Since 1800. 2nd ed. Bill Freund. Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc., Boulder, 1998.
William H. Worger  |  HTML  |  PDF (46-47)