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African Studies Quarterly
Volume 3, Issue 2 (Fall 1999)

ISSN: 215-2448

The Politics of Conservation in Madagascar
Richard R. Marcus and Christian Kull, Guest Editors


Setting the Stage: The Politics of Madagascar’s Environmental Efforts
Richard R. Marcus and Christian Kull  |  HTML  |  PDF (1-8)

Agroforestry and Conservation in Northern Madagascar: Hopes and Hinderances
Résumé (Français) Abstract (English)
Lisa L. Gezon and Benjamin Z. Freed  |  HTML  |  PDF (9-37)

Une Vue d'Ensemble du Droit Environnemental Malgache
Résumé (Français) Abstract (English)
Diane M. Henkels  |  HTML  |  PDF (39-59)

Le Boisement, le bail, et la législation environnementale à Madagascar: trois articles courts
Alain Bertrand
Résumé (Français) Abstract (English)

La Dynamique Seculaire Des Plantations Paysannes D'eucalyptus Sur Les Hautes Terres Malgaches
HTML  |  PDF (61-68)

Lever L'insécurité Foncière: Une Des Premières Clefs Du Développement?
HTML  |  PDF (69-73)

La Gestion Contractuelle, Pluraliste Et Subsidiaire Des Ressources Renouvelables: A Madagascar (1994-1998).
HTML  |  PDF (75-81)

At Issue

Coordinating Traditional Values, Scientific Research And Practical Management To Enhance Conservation And Development Objectives In The Andringitra Mountains, Madagascar; Lessons Learned!
Hanta Rabetaliana and Peter Schachenmann  |  HTML  |  PDF (83-91)

Observations On Repressive Environmental Policies And Landscape Burning Strategies In Madagascar
Christian Kull  |  HTML  |  PDF (93-95)

Book Reviews

Download Book Reviews - PDF

Namibia Under South African Rule: Mobility And Containment 1915-1946. Patricia Hayes, Jeremy Sylvester, Marion Wallace, and Wolfram Hartmann, with Ben Fuller, eds. Oxford: James Currey, Windhoek: Out of Africa, and Athens: Ohio University Press, 1998
Gretchen Bauer  |  HTML  |  PDF (97-98)

The Colonizing Camera: Photographs In The Making Of Namibian History. Wolfram Hartmann, Jeremey Silvester and Patricia Hayes. Cape Town: University of Cape Town Press. 1998
Fassil Demissie  |  HTML  |  PDF (99-100)

Miscast: Negotiating The Presence Of The Bushmen.Pippa Skotnes ed. Cape Town: University of Cape Town Press. 1996
Kerry Ward  |  HTML  |  PDF (101-103)

In The Shadow Of Marriage: Gender And Justice In An African Community.Anne M.O. Griffiths. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1997
Pauline E. Peters  |  HTML  |  PDF (103-104)

A Most Promising Weed: A History Of Tobacco Farming And Labor In Colonial Zimbabwe, 1890-1945. Steven C. Rubert. Athens: Ohio University Center for International Studies. 1997
Christine Sylvester  |  HTML  |  PDF (105-106)

King Leopold's Ghost: A Story Of Greed, Terror, And Heroism In Colonial Africa.Adam Hochschild. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1998
Godwin Rapando Murunga  |  HTML  |  PDF (106-108)

bell hooks' Engaged Pedagogy : A Transgressive Education For Critical Consciousness. Florence Namulundah. Westport, Conn: Bergin and Garvey, 1998
Adam S. Meyer  |  HTML  |  PDF (108-110)

Africa's Population Challenge: Accelerating Progress In Reproductive Health.James E. Rosen and Shanti R. Conly. Washington, DC: Population Action International. 1998
Dallas L. Browne  |  HTML  |  PDF

Microfinance And Poverty Reduction. Susan Johnson and Ben Rogaly. UK/Ireland: Oxfam and Actionaid. 1997
Barry Riddell  |  HTML  |  PDF (113-114)