Oil Extraction and the Potential for Instability in Uganda

by Jacob Kathman & Megan Shannon


The exportation of oil offers tremendous opportunities for Uganda. It also poses several risks to Uganda’s domestic security. Drawing on field research in Uganda, as well as archival research, this paper identifies three potential sources of domestic instability stemming from oil exportation: increased urbanization, unpredictability in tax revenue collection, and the formation of rebel groups. The paper concludes that government transparency is crucial in avoiding most of the pitfalls associated with oil extraction and makes several recommendations for improving transparency in Uganda.

Jacob Kathman is assistant professor of political science at the University of Mississippi.

Megan Shannon is assistant professor of political science at Florida State University.

Authors’ names listed alphabetically. Support for this research was provided by the Foundation for Environmental Sustainability and Security. We would like to thank Christine Mataya and Jeffrey Stark for their helpful comments and suggestions.

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