by John Ishiyama Abstract What if an alternative set of electoral rules had been used to govern elections when an authoritarian regime introduces its first real competitive elections? Would this alter the trajectory of democratic transition, after the introduction of political competition? In this paper, I conduct a set of electoral simulations with different electoral […]

by James S. Wunsch Introduction What factors are required for viable, democratic, local governments in Africa? This is an important question for several reasons. First, in an era of continuing economic problems and structural adjustment, national governments have been forced to reduce the services they provide. While the private sector may pick-up some of these, […]

by Patricia J. Campbell Abstract Post-authoritarian regimes have struggled with the most appropriate way to deal with the former regimes’ human rights abuses.Several schools of though have emerged as to how this should be accomplished.Into this framework the South Africa model, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), is discussed.The TRC has completed its charge and […]

by Stanford D. Musaka Abstract This paper provides a historical background to the development of the press in Zimbabwe and identifies the political, social and economic interventions that have shaped the editorial policies and directions of the press. The development of the press in Zimbabwe press, the paper suggests, can be categorized into three eras: colonial/nationalist (pre-1980); transitional […]

by Patricia J. Campbell Abstract Morocco’s King Hassan II died on 23 July 1999 and was succeeded by his son Muhammad VI. Much of the media coverage of Hassan II following his death portrayed him as a champion of democracy and human rights in the region. Was this really the case? Was Morocco under Hassan […]

by Pierre Fandio “Au bout de la patience, il y a le ciel. La nuit dure longtemps, mais le jour finit par arriver.” – Ahmadou Kourouma     “Ce n’est pas parce que l’on a rendu l’âme qu’on est vraiment mort. On entame au contraire un long périple au cours duquel on traverse une forêt […]