by Paul Thompson and Henry Wissink Abstract This article is situated at the cusp of debates raging in South Africa in which the delivering of a democratic developmental state is amongst the priorities of the African National Congress (ANC) led government. Thus, the narrative on South Africa’s developmental path has taken predominantly a singular approach, […]

by Richard Aidoo Abstract Recently, as Chinese engagements in Africa involve a diverse array of actors, including states, corporations, private and public ventures, individuals, and groups, Beijing’s economic and diplomatic relationships on the continent have become rather variegated and complex. The colliding of these actors and varied interests/motives is also shaping the discourse of anti-Chinese sentiment, […]

by ‘Kunle Amuwo Introduction and Problematique The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) is yet another initiative by Africa’s Heads of State and Governments intended to reverse, for good, the beggarly and highly embarrassing image of the continent through a ‘sustained engagement’ with the developed world. Among its many objectives, NEPAD seeks to halt the growing and deepening […]

by Pdraig Carmody and Scott Taylor Abstract The land question and Zimbabwe’s current crisis of governance appear to be intimately related. However, an extensive survey of the population in the mid-1990s ranked land access very low on the list of priorities when compared to employment creation. Zimbabwe’s current constitutional and political crises spring primarily from […]