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Volume 19, Issue 3-4

SSN: 2152-2448

Special Issue: China-Africa Relations: The Belt and Road Initiative and Its Impact on Africa

Guest Editor: Agnes Ngoma Leslie

Guest Co-editor: R. Hunt Davis, Jr.

Table of Contents

Highlights: Special Issue, China-Africa Relations


China-Africa Relations: The Belt and Road Initiative and its Impact on Africa
Agnes Ngoma Leslie |  Full Text: PDF (1-7)

China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Africa, Debt Risk and New Dependency: The Case of Ethiopia
István Tarrósy | Abstract |  Full Text: PDF (9-28)

Kenya’s New Lunatic Express: The Standard Gauge Railway
Ian Taylor  | Abstract Full Text: PDF (29-52)

China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Intra-Regional Dynamics in Africa
Oscar Meywa Otele  | Abstract Full Text: PDF (53-74)

Africa Cooperation: FDI, Informal Institutions, BRI, and Guanxi
Abdoulkadre Ado  | Abstract Full Text: PDF (75-94)

Power or Influence? Making sense of China’s evolving party-to-party diplomacy in Africa
Lina Benabdallah  | AbstractFull Text: PDF (95-114)

Outlining African Agency Against the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative
Cobus van Staden, Chris Alden and Yu-Shan Wu  | AbstractFull Text: PDF (115-134)

Review Essay

Mobility, Migration, Credit, and Slavery in the Indian Ocean World
Evan C.  Rothera (135-139)

Book Reviews

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Review by: Timothy Adivilah Balag’kutu (140-141)

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Review by: Szabolcs Pasztor (141-143)

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Review by: Samuel Kofi Darkwa (143-144)

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Review by: Neil B. Maheve  (145-146)

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Review by: Victor Chidubem Iwuoha (146-147)

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Review by Nathan Dobson (160-162)

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