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Volume 9

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Issues 1 & 2 (Fall 2006)

Special Issue: Africa’s Moral and Affective Economy

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Highlights: Moral Economy, Food Sharing, Highland Ethiopia, Business Practices and Creeds in Tanzania, Labor Exchange and Commercialization in Eastern Uganda, Labor Exchange, Japan, DR Congo, Kibarua Employment, Sagara, Birkina Faso, Senegal

Issue 3 (2007)

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Highlights: Economic Theory, Community Decision-Making, Land Tenure, Kenya, Regionalism, Security Architecture, Educational Reconstruction, Sierra Leone, Indigenous Methods of Sweet Potato Preservation, Smallholder Farmers, Zimbabwe

Issue 4 (Fall 2007)

Special Issue: The Politics of Inequality: South Africa Then and Now

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Highlights:¬†Community Party in South Africa, “Mannenberg,” Historical Research, Land Reform, Global Development Industry, Economic Rights, South African Constitutional Court, International Justice, Seafood Fishery, Liberal Legality, HIV/AIDs, Media and Social Movements